Humanitarian Trip 

March 24-31 2018

Hurricane Relief for 

ST Thomas US VI

In 2017, the worsts hurricane on record for the US Virgin Islands. Hurricanes Irma and Maria (both catogory 5) caused catastrophic damage cause all residents on the Island to loose everything.


Its now 6 months after the storms and the Islands are finally getting power back but life has still not back to normal as most of the population are unemployed. Business are coming online but not fast enough to serve  the population. Children take shifts at school because there are not enough resources and locations to safely educated all of the children. There is a shortage of hygiene and feminine care products. Violence is ramping up to to the desperation and hopelessness that has began to set in. 

We are going to bring mentoring, education and supplies to the Island, reminding them that we have not forgotten about them. We Care. 

Our goal is to raise $50,000 for hygiene kits, blankets and school supplies.  Please help us spread the love by donation and sharing this page!